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Resource Industries has long been considered the forte of Dime, satiating the demands of the clients and enabling them to enhance their business profile among the niche sector. Abundance of different platform sin the market has been a logistical challenge for different vendors but Dime is an exception because it offers an array of platforms including the apache virtual services to ensure working of Resource based services.

Its three most versatile components of Resources Industries are Agriculture sector, forestry and metal and mining sector. They have been regarded by experts in improvising on the efficiency of an organization and helping customers to achieve targets efficiently. Undoubtedly, the mining or metals or natural resources industries pose ample of challenges for the customers and this revolves around sustainable and optimum utilization of resources. We are Dime effectually believe in having a control over the entire operations and ensure security and safety needs as well. Additionally, our strategic business units are well versed in the creation of core competencies and target levels are achieved through the management, operations, business processes, consulting, IT and engineering services. Our skilled and expert professionals provide enduring and long lasting strategic elucidations through which customers can utilize these resources optimally.

Dime is conducting wide horde of local operations and its key focus is on all the geographical locations that are significant in reference to mining and metal sector and that is inclusive of the China, Africa, Canada, Latin America and Kazakhstan. We are also developing specific industry related solutions through which operational costs can be reduced and there is enhancement in overall yield produced. Our main aim is on the development of precise virtual farms that are coupled with the extrapolative aptitude and that perfectly address the needs and requirements of agriculture sector and environment in the best possible way.

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